Data management is not only backup and archiving, but also archiving policies, backup management systems, applications and infrastructure supporting operational continuity plans.

Data Management Systems – Backup and Archiving


Increasing value of information requires providing respective data management strategy, which should be an integral part of the plans of organization functioning continuity. Our solutions help optimally balance its cost and the risk of data loss. We solve problems related to data long-term storage and management, optimizing the costs. Optimal choice of back-up data system provides data security, favorable purchase and maintenance costs, as well as reliability of fast and trouble-free data recovery.  The construction of the integrated data management system should consider data archiving policy of the company. Archiving solves the issues of increasing maintenance and purchase costs of expensive disc systems, necessity of back-up data management system enlargement, compliance with legal requirements on processed data.

Applied in:

  • Implementation of organization security policy
  • Basic element of emergency recovery plans
  • Safe back-up copy in the Cloud
  • Minimization of consequences of breakdowns and human faults
  • Optimization of mailing servers work
  • Limitation of costs of mass storage purchase and maintenance
  • Provision of compliance with legal requirements
  • Creating back-up copies and data recovery
  • Long-term data storage


  • Fast making of a back-up copy
  • Reliable and fast data recovery
  • Recovery in a Back-Up Processing Center
  • Optimization through Data Deduplication technology
  • Safe copy in the Cloud
  • Optimal and safe management of stored resources, leading to cost reduction
  • E-Discovery tools facilitating quick data analysis
  • Execution of the introduced rules and compliance with legal regulations
  • Elimination of PST files

Product for:

Solutions from the data management area are addressed to organizations from ay sector of the economy, which utilize data processing in their business processes. Data backup and archiving management systems are an indispensable data management element of an organization’s security policy. addresses its offer primarily to the financial, industrial, power, chemical and public sectors.