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Identity and access management

Identity Integration, Single Sign-On and Provisioning are only some of the aspects of Identity and Access Management which have recently become a subject of discussion among not just business professionals but also the media. However, what has been missing so far is a clear definition of what is required for proper Identity and Access Management in an organization as well as the reasons why it should implement such solutions within its IT environment.

We believe that the information included in this document will provide at least partial answers to these questions. In the following part we will describe a strategic view of Identity Management system implementation, business aspects which determine the need of having such systems as well as the prospective benefits.

What is identity and access management?

In simple words, Identity and Access Management can be described as a combination of processes, technologies and policies which allow electronic identities to be managed and defines the way they are used in order to provide access to data collected in the organization’s computer resources. The need to adapt internal procedures and policies to meet changing regulations as well as problems with managing dynamically developing IT environments have become determining factors for organizations in implementing an Identity and Access Management system.

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